Saturday, February 7, 2009

Too Black for B.E.T.-Jayson Scott Musson

Here it is! Episodes I and II of Jayson Scott Musson of Plastic Little’s Too Black for B.E.T. finally collected into a single volume. 36 black and white posters that teem with art magic! It’s as if Musson made a pact with Satan, and Satan, taking a liking to Mr. Musson, gave the artist dark powers which no mortal should possess. Gasp in terror as you descend into a world of perversion, dereliction, depression, apathy of the highest order, chemical addiction, Harry Potter, racism, sexism, whatever it is when you hate the shit out of children, shoegaze music, and the general moral relativism Mr. Musson has used throughout his life to justify acting however the fuck he wants to act because he’s a grown ass man. Somehow art is born out of this combination of self-obsession and an ego so great that it borders on the realm of Tolkien-esque fantasy.

Too Black for B.E.T.: Episodes I and II sports an elegant matte finish that’s so elegant that you’ll need Mr. Belvedere, Jeffery from the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, and Batman’s butler Alfred to each give you a high class hand job (or satisfactory fingerlingus) in order to feel worthy of touching the book. Oh, the book is really funny too. And there’s also stuff about politics in it too. But mostly, Too Black for B.E.T. is just some crazy donkey sex type shit. The best toilet reading passing as art since the Bible! Too Black for B.E.T. can also be purchased at

SOURCE: Jayson Musson

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